We filter the noise.
You focus on threats that matter.

Blocking perimeter events
before they become incidents

Filter out threats relevant for your network perimeter

ELLIO: Threat List

ELLIO: Threat List is a dynamic list of IP addresses and network entities that are predicted to pose a threat to company networks in the immediate future. It’s automatically updated every 5/60 minutes or in real time, reflecting the latest threats and security risks relevant for your network perimeter.

ELLIO: Threat List is tailored to your company's perimeter and is easily integrated with your current firewall/router vendor without the need to hire another IT specialist to maintain it.
Prioritize threat hunting with ELLIO Technology

ELLIO: Intelligence

For advanced cybersecurity teams using SIEM or SOAR, we offer ELLIO: Intelligence, the solution helping you focus on threats that really matter by filtering random internet noise and reducing generic attacks. Our services offer a unique ELLIO: Intelligence endpoint for enhancing perimeter event metadata.

We add valuable information for each connection attempt, such as IP address reputation, autonomous system (ASN) reputation, history of attacks, future attack probability prediction, and more. This metadata allows you to categorize events into arbitrary groups, such as generic attacks that are commonly seen by many others, and specific attacks that are likely to target your company's perimeter specifically.
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Make your protection more effective
with ELLIO Technology

Improved network security

Faster response

Reduced team burnout by alert overload

Reduced administrative overhead

We filter internet noise and generic attacks from high-risk incidents in real time

ELLIO Technology filters and prioritizes security events and alerts
during real-time triage with sub-one-second latency.
ELLIO ML-based technology is designed to filter generic attacks, reduce alert fatigue and accelerate the identification of targeted attacks during triage. By combining our firewall threat list with in-depth research, we enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and gain context for attacks, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to potential security incidents.

We operate a network of internet sensors to collect and analyze data and flag exploits and vulnerabilities. Using ML algorithms, we identify patterns and anomalies and create a score for every single attack we receive.

Real-time Data Processing

We collect, analyze and tag data across a vast network of honeypots in real time. This includes continuous monitoring and analysis of attacks and network activity patterns from different IP addresses. The output is an IP intent classification system that is available to security teams and enables a more efficient triage process while providing a better understanding of the nature of network traffic.

Security teams are still overwhelmed
by alert overload

False positives are a number one challenge. Today's security systems generate too many alerts, making it difficult for teams to identify and respond to actual threats in a timely manner. Approximately a third of all cybersecurity alerts are determined to be false positives, leading to a huge waste of resources to investigate problems that don’t actually exist. Analysts then spend 10 - 20 minutes investigating each incident they receive, and much of that time is spent downgrading alerts incorrectly marked as critical or misprioritized.

Most enterprises receive over 10,000 alerts per day


60% of banks can see up to 100,000 alerts per day


Over a quarter of security teams have to deal with more than 1 million alerts per day

Sources: Imperva research, McAfee
Critical Start research
“While security analysts may focus their attention on addressing the large number of alerts generated by botnets and amateur hackers, the real threat actor can easily evade detection and slowly infiltrate a corporate network undetected. Our solution enables security teams to spend less time on Internet noise and focus their limited resources on emerging targeted threats.”
Vlad Iliushin
Co-founder and CEO at ELLIO Technology

Protect your enterprise with smarter SIEM event prioritization