Increase the efficiency of your security teams and strengthen your security posture

ELLIO Technology, headquartered in Prague, is a technology company focused on the automation in cybersecurity.

Our  ML-based solutions are designed to effectively filter out generic attacks, reduce alert fatigue and false positives/negatives. We accelerate the identification of critical cybersecurity incidents in real time by decreasing the number of non-critical ones.
With ELLIO’s network of internet sensors, we collect and analyze internet traffic, identify attack data while tagging exploits and vulnerabilities. Through our advanced ML-engine and in-depth research , we enable organizations to gain a clearer picture of cyber security attacks and incidents.

Our primary mission is to elevate the cybersecurity posture of organizations by delivering advanced solutions that enhance the efficiency of security teams. With our help, they can concentrate on the threats that really matter instead of focusing on investigating random internet noise.
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Make your protection more effective
with ELLIO Technology

Improved network security

Faster response

Reduced team burnout by alert overload

Reduced administrative overhead

Benefits you will get in cooperation
with ELLIO Technology

You will strengthen your security protection with a tailor-made solution

Built specifically for your company according to your needs and cyber security compliance in your region/country.

You will benefit from our consulting and customer services at all levels

To support you throughout the implementation process: from planning and defining your requirements and needs, technical support in solving practical issues, obtaining deep data context, to updating the system in real time based on external/internal conditions.

You will reduce alert fatigue of security teams and save money.

Using ELLIO solutions leads to more efficient use of resources and a lower cost of ownership for security teams and systems. Cyberattacks cost businesses trillions of dollars each year in lost productivity, lost business, or legal penalties. 45% of all cybersecurity alerts are determined to be false positive, leading to huge wasting of all resources to investigate problems that don’t actually exist. Focus your time on serious threats that could seriously compromise your business, customers and credibility.

Choose from the ELLIO Solutions

ELLIO: Firewall Threat List

  • A dynamic list of IP addresses and network entities that are predicted to pose a threat to company networks in the immediate future.
  • Automatically updated every 5/60 minutes or in real time.
  • Tailored to your company's perimeter.
  • Easily integrated with your current firewall/router vendor without the need to hire another IT specialist to maintain it.

ELLIO: Intelligence

  • For advanced cybersecurity teams using SIEM or SOAR to enhance their perimeter event metadata.
  • Smarter SIEM event prioritization by providing valuable information for each connection attempt, allowing to categorize events into arbitrary groups.
  • Reducing false positives by filtering out random internet noise and generic attacks.
  • Reducing alert fatigue and accelerating the identification of targeted attacks during triage.

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