Our mission is clear.

We filter out the cybernoise.
You focus on threats that really matter.

We help teams at organizations of all sizes to:

Speed up
Boost protection
of NGFWs
threat intelligence

Every line of our code helps you save time and resources.

At ELLIO, every line of code is crafted to help you save time and resources. Our solutions simplify security operations and seamlessly integrate with your existing tools.

This enables organizations to focus on critical cybersecurity challenges, conserving valuable human, financial, and time resources..

The new frontier for mass
exploitation attacks

Avoid Cyber Noise
Mass Exploitation

ELLIO effectively identifies, analyzes, and filters out cybernoise, and eliminates generic attacks in real time, leading to more efficient security operations and better-optimized resource allocation, saving valuable time.

  • Faster triage process.
  • Reduced volume of SIEM events and SOAR alerts.
  • Strong protection at the edge level.
  • Enhanced protection capabilities of existing NGFWs.
  • Gained context on mass attacks.

Data you can trust.
Today and tomorrow too.

Unique observations (24h)
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Improved network security

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Faster response

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Reduced team burnout by alert overload

See ELLIO in action

Where we come from

In 2022, Vlad Iliushin, a cybersecurity expert and board member of AMTSO, joined forces with Jana Tomasikova, a tech marketing expert, to found ELLIO. The duo first met at Avast (now GEN Digital), a leading consumer cybersecurity company, where they recognized the need for more efficient security solutions.

Together, they created ELLIO to streamline cybersecurity operations by efficiently filtering out cybernoise and mass exploitation attacks in real-time.

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Work hard. Play hard.
This is ELLIO.

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