Uplift automation in your SOAR/SIEM/TIP

Accelerate triage, focus on real threats.

We reduce the cybernoise.
You focus on threats that really matter

ELLIO: Intelligence is an efficient ML-powered suite of tools designed to streamline security operations, combat alert fatigue, and save resources.

ELLIO empowers cybersecurity teams by delivering valuable insights into generic attacks, opportunistic exploitation, and scanning. This ensures that security analysts are equipped with actionable intelligence, allowing them to focus on addressing serious threats instead of expending time and resources on random generic attacks and cybernoise.
Security analysts spend one-third of their day investigating low-priority
or non-real threats.
Custom tailored
Enterprise ready
How ELLIO helps
• Reduces alert overload
• Enriches data in real-time
• Provides context based on research, active scanning, and passive sensors
What the customer gains
• Faster & smarter triage process
• Shorter response time
• Reduced MTTR
• Free hands for other relevant tasks and projects
Efficient resource
and cost savings

ELLIO: Intelligence cuts SIEM perimeter events and SOAR alerts by up to 40%

ELLIO reduces the influx of perimeter events entering SIEM and alerts triggered by SOAR, that demands human intervention.

ELLIO doesn’t create new alerts: It reduces existing one.

Unlike other threat intelligence platforms, our focus is on minimizing existing alerts by providing information about generic, non-targeted attacks. This helps customers automate and prioritize tasks, reducing operational costs and MTTR.

Real-time data processing

ELLIO: Intelligence accelerates the real-time identification of critical cybersecurity incidents by decreasing the number of non-critical ones. Our engine collects and analyzes internet traffic, pinpointing attack data, and highlighting exploits and vulnerabilities.

By adding metadata to each connection attempt, we categorize events into common arbitrary groups, such as generic attacks that are commonly seen by many others, and specific attacks that are likely to target your company's perimeter specifically. and targeted perimeter threats. Using ML algorithms, we identify patterns and anomalies and create a score for every single attack we receive.
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Big (SOC) Brothers not watching: Overwhelmed by alert

Security analysts spend 30% of their typical day investigating incidents that aren't actual serious real threats. Why? False positives are a number one challenge. Today's security systems generate too many alerts, making it difficult for teams to identify and respond to actual threats in a timely manner.

Protect your enterprise with ELLIO

We help security analysts focus on critical alerts, reduce false positives, and boost SOC efficiency.

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