Beyond Copy-Paste: Alert Fatigue powered by AI and Script Kiddies

April 9, 2024

How are AI-empowered Script Kiddies impacting cybersecurity today? How is the rise of the Copy-Paste era in cybersecurity exacerbating alert fatigue among SOC teams? Join Vlad Iliushin, CEO of ELLIO, at CyberWiseCon Europe 2024 in Vilnius this May for an insightful discussion on these pressing topics.

  • When: May 20, 2024 at 2:40pm EEST
  • Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

Why and how to protect against the rising cyber shadows

In a world hyper-alert to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and where security budgets rival the GDP of small nations, and with the Insider Threat looming as attackers' path of least resistance, this session shifts focus to the rising cyber shadows — Script Kiddies empowered by AI in today's cybersecurity landscape.

Join Vlad Iliushin at CyberWiseCon Europe 2024 for an insightful discussion on these pressing topics and explore the redefined creeping threat and strategize to counteract and stay ahead.

Attendees will delve deep into terms like APTs and Insider Threats, acquiring specific examples or statistics to illustrate the points made about security budgets and the impact of Script Kiddies empowered by AI.


About CyberWiseCon

CyberWiseCon is a premier IT security conference that emphasizes the fusion of knowledge and wisdom in cybersecurity. It brings together cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, and IT professionals from across Europe. Wisdom, gained through experience and collective understanding, is celebrated as a key element in staying ahead of cyber threats.

CyberWiseCon brings together over 700 attendees and 135 speakers from 35 countries to offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative approaches to cybersecurity.

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