ELLIO's community IP feed now has 1,000 users!

January 11, 2024

Exciting update! ELLIO: Community Feed, our initiative to give back to the community, now has an awesome 1.000 users onboard – from Java in Indonesia, to the tech-savvy streets of Palo Alto. Thank you, community!

ELLIO: IP Feed - Perimeter security that works!

The Community ELLIO: IP Feed is an external dynamic threat list comprising known malicious IP addresses expected to pose potential threats to your network in the near future. It also includes known benign scanners and IP addresses of actors with unknown intent.

Download the Community ELLIO:

IP Feed:

Improve your network security with an advanced threat list tailored to your network perimeter

The Community ELLIO: Feed is a free version of the  an advanced external threat list.

ELLIO: Threat list is an external dynamic list of IP addresses and network entities anticipated to pose threats to corporate networks in the near future. ELLIO: Threat list is updated automatically, be it every hour, every five minutes, or in real time, thereby mirroring the present threats and security risks relevant to your network perimeter.

ELLIO: Threat List is also suitable for managing multiple networks with different firewall and router vendors. It's compatible with major vendors such as pfSense, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and CheckPoint.

Try a demo of ELLIO: Threat List for free

Learn more about the latest updates:

Community ELLIO: Feed vs ELLIO: Threat List

The update frequency for the Community ELLIO: Feed is delayed by 24 hours compared to the ELLIO: Threat List and is not customizable for the customer/user’s network perimeter.

Report False Positive

If you come across an IP address that you believe shouldn't be in the ELLIO: Feed, we'd appreciate it if you could let us know! You can report it to fp-report (at) Thank you for helping us improve!

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